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Urban Environment Excursion

May 2, 2017, 9:30am - 2:30pm, $15.00, includes noon appetizers and transport. Those who can, will continue on afterward to an optional ceviche dinner, returning 6:00pm.

The Environment Section is sponsoring a field trip to Villa El Salvador, one of Lima’s iconic districts that originated as a pueblo joven (shantytown) in the 1970s, to explore two of Lima’s grassroots recycling programs. We will visit two projects that promote community-based self-organizing -- in this district on the south end of Lima that successfully grew to become a major urban center. We will learn how they developed basic education, public kitchens, health committees, electricity, water, sewage, and other income-generating projects.

We meet at the Marriott Hotel lobby in Miraflores and travel together to Ciudad Saludable’s headquarters. Their innovative model of solid waste management involves the recyclers economically, socially, and environmentally: changing attitudes towards the problem of inadequate solid waste management addresses the poverty and exclusion faced by more than 108,000 Peruvian families who work as recyclers.

Our hosts in Villa El Salvador are two community organizations that developed recycling projects, Asociación Cambio de Vida en Avance and Los Tigres de las 200 Millas. Appetizers will be provided.

At 2:30 we will return to Marriott. Those that wish to will have an option to continue on to La Punta to dine together. La Punta port district sits on a peninsula almost entirely surrounded by ocean, and it’s famous for making the best ceviche in the world. (dinner cost extra; it’s about 45 minutes north of the Marriott).

Note: You must be registered for the LASA2017 Congress to access the RSVP form.

Contact: Environment Section Co-Chair Miriam Melton-Villanueva, be sure to put ‘LIMA Urban Excursion’ in the subject line.

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